circular garden table and chairs
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circular garden table and chairs for sale Price

Henglian circular garden table and chairs

table :YTW891103  YTW681103

table base :YB891701 YB681703

chair : YC001703  YC001702

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details


Pay attention to the texture of metal outdoor furniture,In customization, try to choose the lighter texture. Avoid choosing metal materials that give people a heavy feeling. It is suggested to choose glass products, glass with its good permeability makes the space have the feeling of infinite extension. Even if the size of the larger, but also because of its permeability, can break through the oppression of space, play the effect of expanding space.

Pay attention to the changeable degree of circular garden table and chairs,If you have friends and relatives gathering at home, you should have the ability to change with the number of people. You can choose some that can be freely combined or easily stored, so that they can adapt to changes.

  • ISO9001

  • BSCI

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