6 seater garden table and chairs
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6 seater garden table and chairs for sale Price

Henglian 6 seater garden table and chairs for sale

table :YT680932

table base :YB680915

chair :YC001083

Price:>100$ Please contact with the customer service for specific price details


The busy streets, the busy pedestrians and the city seem to be a place without night. Walking in the broad street, one after another passing by, but always feel inexplicable loneliness in my heart, missing my family, become a very easy thing. Missing, no matter when and where, always comes quietly.

After getting rid of all the tiredness, I went home with my family and went to the garden decorated with 6 seater garden table and chairs. I nestled in the reclining chair together and listened to each other's heartbeat and the sound of the night.

Home, because of outdoor garden table and chairs, has been given another color, has another idea, has reached another realm.

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  • BSCI

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