How to distinguish the quality of cheap rattan furniture
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Do the imitation rattan seat chair industry personnel will meet the customer to ask such questions. As a professional question, the general customer is not easy to understand, but also want to get professional and accurate answers. Service life is not only related to the cost of use, but also to the business place, it is also about the marketing environment and the face of the guests. rattan style furniture has a deep experience in this respect. Before answering questions, we should first take a look at some cases:

This group of photos is from an outdoor desk and chair in a creative workshop in a certain place. I asked the relevant staff, this furniture has been put outdoors, the wind and the sun, also two months of time! It is a slight cane release, such imitation cane chair can not sit in the open for another 3 months, and it is not woven manually at first sight.

1. What kind of imitation cheap rattan furniture is good?

So, what kind of rattan furniture is good? How many years can good rattan furniture take? How do the general consumers judge?

2. New PE rattan materials are selected for cheap rattan furniture

Good imitation rattan furniture selects new PE imitation rattan materials, the purchase channels are large factories, as well as some imported cane, the product quality has guaranteed. UV sunscreen components are added in the production process of cane, and the service life has been strictly tested, which ensures that there is a 3000 hour all-weather sun protection guarantee.

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 generally, the price is above 18 yuan per kilogram, while the common inferior cane adopts recycled waste rattan as the main material, and will not add UV sunscreen ingredients. The cost is low and the price is as low as 5 yuan per kilogram. The quality is not guaranteed. It will break and fade in almost 3 months until it is completely scrapped;

3. cheap rattan furniture can be used for 3000 hours

Good rattan materials can ensure the outdoor sun exposure for 3000 hours, according to the southern sunshine area, can be used for at least 3 years;

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4. What is the service life of cheap rattan furniture

Even if the best rattan material, it needs a good frame. Generally, iron frame materials factory is difficult to do rust prevention treatment or even not, and it will soon rust, even loose frame, and can not be used. Rusty water even pollutes the ground, which brings great losses to customers; the materials are mostly 6063 international standard aluminum, aluminum alloy materials will not rust, and the surface can effectively prevent oxidation after electrostatic spraying, and can ensure long-term use.

Under normal circumstances, the service life of aluminum alloy frame is longer than that of cane, so customers can use it safely. There are also many customers who have taken the same strategy of using the cane to make the cane back to the factory before the normal life of the cane expires;

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5. How to judge the quality of cheap rattan furniture

General consumers can not judge good rattan furniture, in the early stage of new use, only by the naked eye can not easily judge. Therefore, the general consumer should try to choose a large brand, more online to inquire about the credibility of the producer, understand the strength of the producer and make decisions.

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