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Garden leisure table and chair is the most basic, the most common, the most commonly used and the oldest kind of garden furniture. It is usually used in combination with tables and chairs with coordinated style, shape and color. Courtyard leisure tables and chairs can be divided into "three piece set", "five piece set" and "seven piece set" and other types, with rich collocation, freedom and flexibility.

outdoor lounge chairs

1. Metal outdoor lounge chairs

Metal courtyard leisure table and chair is a kind of outdoor bar chairs with cast iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other metal thin-walled pipes and thin plates as the main components. The metal garden leisure tables and chairs can be divided into all metal structure garden leisure tables and chairs, metal and wood combined garden leisure tables and chairs and metal and other non-metallic materials combined garden leisure tables and chairs.

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2. Wooden courtyard outdoor lounge chairs

Wood is a kind of fine texture, color pleasing to the eye. It is a kind of natural material with beautiful texture and easy processing. At the same time, it is also a kind of material with large volume, wide distribution and convenient materials in nature. At present, in terms of products in the round outdoor chair market, the wood materials suitable for outdoor environment mainly include pine, fir and teak, Fraxinus mandshurica, Eucalyptus salicina, PS environmental protection wood, etc.

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3. Rattan garden outdoor lounge chairs

Rattan furniture is a kind of furniture made of rattan, which is divided into real rattan and imitation rattan. Although rattan has many advantages, such as natural and fresh, excellent processing performance, but it is difficult to clean, easy to mildew and other problems often perplex users. With the development of science and technology, improved polymer materials began to appear, these materials can be synthesized with a variety of rattan has similar appearance characteristics of composite materials to replace plant rattan.

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