All kinds of materials outdoor lounge chairs for courtyard life
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1. outdoor lounge chairs place after tea

Courtyard is a place where people have leisure and entertainment after tea. The focus of entertainment space is the table and chair in the courtyard. The choice of the courtyard table and chair is a lot of fun you enjoy in leisure and entertainment. A small game different from a small space in the room. Scenery, people and things will be enjoyed or enjoyed in a quiet environment.

 In the courtyard to entertain guests, the large table is essential, of course, and the table and the matching chairs, which not only make people feel comfortable in the meal, but also convenient to move. If permitted, you can also put on two reclining chairs. It's also a good arrangement to put a bench in a quiet corner

Compared with balcony, balcony furniture is smaller and more refined, a table of four chairs, a table, two chairs or one table, one chair, easy to shrink and carry, do not occupy space. For small family can also enjoy the fun of leisure life, about a friend in the balcony to drink tea, chat, and share with friends the joy from it.

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2. outdoor lounge chairs style should be selected by yourself

The style of the table and chair should be selected by itself. The materials can be made of cane, wood, metal or artificial. Because the tables and chairs in the courtyard are exposed for a long time, the sun and rain and the temperature fluctuate, no matter what materials must be ensured that they are not easy to deform or be corroded

foldable chair outdoor should be painted with teak oil in the early summer and the end of summer to moisten and protect the wood. The painted tables and chairs also appear beautiful and gorgeous; with different plants, barriers and umbrellas, the style can be various

Iron and steel can rust, it is difficult to deal with, galvanized products can be placed outdoors after processing. During the processing of cast aluminum table and chair, 12 manual paint and 72 high temperature baking paint are used to finish the process, without rust and paint dropping. The romantic and light mesh table chair of that design is also a good choice

The aluminum alloy or stainless steel is often used as the main material of the frame for the imitation rattan table chair. The frame is not only related to the artistic character of the outdoor lounge chairs modeling, but also has a deep influence on the stability and durability of the product. Therefore, various factors should be considered comprehensively in the design.

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The reason why the cane courtyard leisure table and chair has a natural and simple, fresh and elegant style is determined by the unique material characteristics of rattan, on the other hand, the rich surface weaving method of round outdoor chair also adds a lot of color to the furniture, which is the important means to show the artistic strength.

3. The types of pattern patterns of surface layer are extremely rich

In the outdoor lounge chairs surface weaving, it is necessary to design patterns, the types of surface patterns are extremely rich. The pattern is beautiful, fresh, rigorous and generous, creating a rich natural flavor of various weaving methods to use, the pattern is flexible and changeable, virtual and solid, dense and combined, and is extremely artistic.

With the continuous change of people's life style, the open balcony in many new buildings has been increasing in size. People can carry out various garden building activities in the balcony. The garden not only becomes the borrowing of indoor space, but also provides a comfortable place for people to rest and enjoy the natural scenery outside.

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In this process, the natural, leisure, romantic atmosphere of the cane like leisure table and chair and outdoor lounge chairs began to become the focus of people's attention. The cane leisure furniture with rich and novel shapes has a new use place. It is widely used in the design of balcony space, so that people can enjoy a leisurely mood of "sitting in front of the court and watching the clouds rolling clouds comfortably".

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