Check the maintenance outdoor furniture near me
TIME:2021-03-05 16:08:56 FROM:Outdoor Furniture Suppliers

outdoor furniture near me is generally made of PE rattan material, aluminum frame, teak surface, Teslin mesh and other materials. The material selection of products produced by regular factories pays attention to quality, and the quality of finished products is the same. Matters needing attention in daily use are as follows:

1. outdoor furniture near me and Teslin mesh

Pay attention not to be scratched or cut by sharp tools, not to be close to high temperature fire source, wash directly with water when cleaning, do not use acid detergent to clean. When not in use for a long time, pay attention to put away or cover with special furniture cover;

outdoor furniture near me

2.outdoor furniture near me Aluminum frame

The sprayed aluminum frame is selected instead of the aluminum raw material iron outdoor furniture, because the unpainted aluminum is easy to be oxidized, which affects the strength and service life;

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3. Teak outdoor furniture near me

Teak is one of the best outdoor wood with high quality and can be used outdoors for a long time. During maintenance, buy outdoor furniture use fine sandpaper to grind the surface lightly, and apply special teak oil on the surface evenly. Generally, it is maintained every 6 months;

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4. Sun umbrella outdoor furniture near me

When the wind is strong, you must put it away. The umbrella seat is heavy, and you should handle it with care to avoid injury.

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