coffee shop tables and chairs for civilian noble Apartments
TIME:2022-07-25 10:45:48 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    A typical American rural style, it is characterized by the combination of rugged nature and leisure, giving people a comfortable life.

    coffee shop tables and chairs

    In terms of modeling, coffee shop tables and chairs adopts the expression of straight lines, which reflects the delicate and elegant sense of hierarchy.

    In terms of color, white and warm yellow are used as the main colors, and some gold is dotted locally to create a warm, comfortable, elegant and luxurious home space. Floral Beige pillows and cushions are very pastoral.

    In terms of material, high-quality PE imitation rattan and aluminum profiles. Equipped with rattan weaving, the traditional piece weaving is changed, making the seat surface wider and more elastic.


    In terms of furniture selection, the rattan furniture selected belongs to the American rural style, highlighting the comfort and freedom of life.


    Whether it is coffee shop tables and chairs that feels elegant or accessories with the vicissitudes of time, it exudes rich earth fragrance color, which is a typical feature of the American rural style.

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