Luxurious display of outdoor chair seat cushions
TIME:2022-07-22 14:48:05 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    There are many outdoor chair seat cushions in the public eye. The TV series "under the Zhengyang gate", together with Chinese antique ceramics, shows outdoor rattan furniture.

    outdoor chair seat cushions

    In Beijing's quadrangles, which one doesn't have rattan furniture, the traditional rattan weaving skills and the original fragrance of rattan field, the quiet and leisurely cooling and leisure, and the purple clay pot next to the rattan lounge chair contain many interesting news about quadrangles.

    There is also Feng Xiaogang's "don't disturb me if you don't mind". In Chinatown of China, white outdoor rattan tables and chairs decorate the tea restaurant culture with Chinese characteristics.

    E-catalogue 17-12_副本.jpg

    Rattan furniture, like classical mahogany and wood carvings, is displayed in the eyes of the international market and Chinese people.

    Recently, as an environment-friendly outdoor furniture, the rattan sofa designed for Dubai has elegant lines, exaggerated curves and prominent personality.

    E-catalogue 17-15_副本.jpg

    The overall structure and weaving are luxurious, slightly extensive in beauty and slightly strong in elegance, which is very in line with the humanities, customs and personality of Dubai.

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