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TIME:2022-07-20 16:18:14 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    With the rapid development of urban economy and the continuous progress of urbanization, more and more people live in staggered floors, duplex floors and villas. It is no longer a new thing to have a landing balcony, open-air platform and courtyard at home.

    With the change of people's consumption concept and value concept, people also put forward higher requirements for the living environment and quality. As an important element of the garden,outdoor chair cushions on sale has attracted more and more attention.

    outdoor chair cushions on sale

    In the garden environment, people see not only outdoor furniture, but the overall artistic effect formed by it and the garden environment.

    When purchasing outdoor furniture, we should contact its environment and its spatial form. Outdoor furniture has the function of beautifying the garden environment. It should not only show the form of artistic beauty, but also show a certain cultural connotation.

    The so-called artistry of outdoor furniture refers to its aesthetic characteristics, and the cultural connotation is the historical and cultural landscape resources contained under the artistic beauty.

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    The characteristic of rattan furniture is that its material is naturally breathable. They give people a natural feeling, cool and breathable. The finished products impregnated with liquid medicine are not afraid of being exposed to the sun and fading. Rattan furniture can absorb moisture and prevent heat, and will not easily deform and crack, so it is more suitable for the humid and hot weather in the south.

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    However, placing rattan furniture outdoors is easy to get dusty, so it is more suitable for semi indoor and semi outdoor terraces. Some outdoor furniture imitating rattan can make up for the shortcomings of genuine rattan furniture and can be used outdoors with complete confidence.

    Rattan furniture imitates the color and shape of rattan and is woven with PE. The exquisite rattan furniture is even difficult to distinguish between true and false. In addition, rattan furniture is also very plastic. It can be made into the same knitting effect as real rattan, and its color is very changeable.

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