French outdoor chair cushion covers as beautiful as clothes
TIME:2022-07-19 14:17:02 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Among the outdoor chair cushion covers produced for French customers, comfort is a European suite rattan series integrating sofa.

    outdoor chair cushion covers

     Bogu cabinet, flowerpot, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, bed, bed stool, bedside cabinet, dressing table, tea table, dressing stool, imperial concubine bed, bookcase, large class table, large class chair, dining side cabinet, dining car, bar, etc.

     the overall shape is magnificent, carefully carved, magnificent, solemn and heavy, reflecting the identity and power of users. From the overall design and production, European rattan furniture has the following characteristics:

    E-catalogue 17-19-1_副本.jpg

    outdoor chair cushion covers is famous for its beautiful lines. It is full of palace color and artistic flavor. Emphasis on hand carving and elegant retro style.

    Another feature of French furniture is that there are so-called small black scratches on the surface of the material, which are specially made to imitate ancient furniture. Most of them are woven with shaved rattan.

    French furniture is good at simplicity, simplicity and even simplicity in color. The color of furniture tends to be bright, with rice, yellow, white and log colors.

    E-catalogue 17-16_副本.jpg

    Some people call French rattan furniture perceptual furniture, because it is furniture that conforms to aesthetic modeling. For example, don't forget to put a fringed blanket on the sofa, which simply uses furniture as clothing, and French furniture is also as beautiful as clothing.

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