outdoor metal rocking chair color design is the soul of furniture
TIME:2022-06-24 15:00:56 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

    Hue is an overall color feeling. The choice of hue determines the vividness and liveliness, fineness and solemnity, enthusiasm and dullness, kindness and lightness of the style of outdoor furniture. Therefore, the choice of hue of outdoor metal rocking chair should be particularly careful, which can generally be determined artistically according to the function, structure, modernity and users' hobbies of the furniture.

    outdoor metal rocking chair

    The standard to be determined is that the shapes and colors should be consistent, and the shapes and colors should help shape and brighten.

     For example, the color design of children's outdoor metal rocking chair should choose bright colors and lively styles. Children's imagination is rich, and different colors can stimulate children's visual nerve. The ever-changing patterns can satisfy children's imagination of the whole world, which are indispensable for children's growth. Bright colors can attract children's attention.

     It can also stimulate children's visual development, improve children's creativity, and train children's sensitivity to color, so the color design of children's outdoor furniture should choose bright, bright and light tones.

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    In addition, the following points are generally referred to in determining the color of outdoor furniture:

    High brightness tone shows lightness and lightness, while low brightness tone shows deepness and solemnity. Warm colors have a warm effect, while cold colors can make people feel calm.

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    The warm color with high chromaticity can make people feel excited, and the cool color with low chromaticity can make people think calmly. In a word, tone is one of the main factors of outdoor furniture color design, which plays a dominant and unified role in the overall color feeling.

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