cube rattan furniture set deduces new space
TIME:2022-06-08 15:10:43 FROM:Henglian Garden Furniture Factory

After reading the pastoral works of TaoYuanming, a great ancient poet, you will be moved by the leisurely and elegant ancient life. "There are more than ten acres of square houses, eight or nine thatched cottages, elm and willow shady eaves, and peach and plum Luotang in front." however, in today's home, the environment of "picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing the Nanshan Mountain" is reproduced.

cube rattan furniture set

1cube rattan furniture set on balcony

On the open balcony, the gentle and delicate sunshine falls on the ground. Although the rattan articles are not moistened by fresh plants, they still exude a faint natural flavor quietly, and the comfortable feel is always close to people. Snuggle up in the small hanging chair, look at the scenery outside, or take a nap, or pick up a book to pass the whole wuno, you will surely have a relaxed and comfortable summer mood.

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2cube rattan furniture set five piece set

In the living room, a large number of pure hand-made rattan furniture are used, which shows originality in design. The spacious and comfortable seats and tea tables are exquisite in their simplicity. The delicate combination with the bright green walls and several oil paintings makes the rich pastoral atmosphere stronger. The side table beside the sofa is a very warm corner. Under the soft light, the photos on the table look more moving.

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